Upcoming Events

Monthly meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 at the Eugene Science Center planetarium.

Monthly "First Quarter Friday" star parties are held on the Friday closest to the first quarter Moon. Star parties start at dusk or 6:00, whichever is later.

First Quarter Friday Star Parties

By Ken Martin | January 2, 2023 | 0 Comments

The EAS holds monthly star parties at the College Hill Reservoir on the Friday closest to the moon’s first quarter. These star parties are free and open to the public. We’ll provide the telescopes and show you what’s up there in the night sky. Or if you have a telescope of your own, bring it…

The Eugene Astronomical Society is a group of amateur astronomers dedicated to observing the sky and learning about the Universe, and sharing that understanding and appreciation of astronomy with students and the general public.

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This chart predicts how well we will be able to see the sky over the next couple nights. Darker colors are better, white means no stars. Click the chart for a full explanation of each quality factor.

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Fun things we do:


Host monthly public star parties: we bring our telescopes, you bring your eyes (or your telescope too!) It's free, you'll see amazing things, and you'll meet people interested in the universe. Check the calendar for the next one.


Hold monthly meetings with presentations by club members and professional astronomers from our community and region. It's usually the third Thursday of the month, but you can check the calendar to be sure. Visitors and guests are welcome!


Discuss up-to-the minute astronomical events, post astrophotographs, and plan impromptu star parties at dark sites via our email list. Non-members are welcome to sign up for the email list.


Publish a monthly newsletter full of useful info for local stargazers.


Maintain a library of club telescopes for members to check out.


Give talks and host events throughout our community. Learn how to bring us to your organization!


Build and modify telescopes together. (Some of the world's most innovative amateur telescope makers live here!)


Grind mirrors together. (Yes, we're serious about building telescopes here!)


Receive discounts on astronomy publications and group buys of astro swag!