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September virtual meeting Thursday September 17, 2020 – Our featured speaker this month is Scott Acton. He is a Wavefront Sensing and Controls Scientist at Ball Aerospace & Technologies, working on the James Webb Space Telescope. This presentation will not be available on YouTube.

September 17 - September 18

When launched on Halloween of 2021, the Webb telescope (aka, JWST) will be the most powerful telescope ever put into space. It will rewrite textbooks. I’ve had the privilege of working on this project for over 20 years. I am currently the “Wavefront Sensing and Controls Scientist” and lead a team of people that will align the telescope shortly after launch.
In 2016, I took a year off to execute the “James Webb Space Telescope World Bicycle Tour” My mission: cycle to various countries to tell others about this amazing instrument, and the science that will soon come from it.
My presentation will concentrate on the Webb Telescope, but will also talk about art, bicycles, education, and the importance of not eating too many cheeseburgers. I hope you enjoy it!


September 17
September 18