Contact Information

Below, you will find a number of people involved with the EAS. You will also find a way to contact them. Use email as the primary contact. We may not answer our phones if we don't recognize your number.
  • Diane Martin - EAS President and Board Member.  Phone 541.689.7946, Send email
  • Jerry Oltion - EAS Secretary, IO Editor and Board Member.  Phone 541.343.4758, Send email
  • Bruce Hindrichs - EAS Community Outreach Coordinator.  Phone 541.214.4797, Send email
  • Bob Anderson - EAS Telescope Lending Coordinator.  Phone 541.998.8995, Send email
  • Mel Bartels - EAS Website Administrator and Board Member.  Phone 541.914.1731, Send email
  • Jacob Strandlien - Board Member.  Phone 541.683.2435, Send email

Mailing Address:
  • Eugene Astronomical Society
    PO Box 7264
    Springfield OR 97475